10 items to pack in your first aid kit when travelling

Paracetamol, insect repellent, and plasters poking out of a toiletries back in the woods

You don’t want to be caught short when away and are desperately in need of a plaster or paracetamol. Sure, depending on your destination some typical first aid items may be easy or hard to get, but if you can, it is always best to come prepared. Why suffer on your trip without these when you can have them ready to go!

Aloe vera or after sun

I have certainly had a painful, bright red, ‘I am clearly not from here’ burn before. Ok, ok, I have had several. The thought of aloe vera on your toasty skin should be enough for you to pack this and I should not have to convince you more. Also, if you don’t burn easily, this is still a must to hydrate your skin after harsh sun.

Sun cream

Let’s all be kind to and take care of our bodies and lather up when we are spending full days roaming around outside. Remember, just because it is not sunny, it does not mean you are not getting hit with that UV.

A box of waterproof plasters

Scratches, cuts, and/or blisters. You are pretty much guaranteed to get some (at least if you are as clumsy as me) and you can avoid any unnecessary discomfort if you have some plasters handy. Be sure to pack a box with various sizes for choice!

Antiseptic wipes

If you need to disinfect a cut on the go before plastering it up, these are lifesavers. The wipes are individually packaged so you don’t need to bulk up your luggage with the box.

Mosquito repellent (with DEET)

A MUST. Please do yourself a favour and avoid as many annoying and itchy bites as you can. I know repellent can smell super strong but it is better to be cautious with mozzies particularly in malaria risk zones.


If you are prone to headaches, hangovers, and/or you know your monthly pal is coming, make sure you have some with you. Ditch the box to reduce the bulk in your first aid kit.

Lip balm with SPF

Cracked and sore lips are never fun. If you are somewhere hot you are going to be dehydrated with dry lips, if you are in a cold spot, your lips will suffer equally. Pack the balm, and make sure it has SPF protection for that extra self love.


Tweezers always come in handy in case you need to remove a splinter or tick. Secondary use being to keep those eyebrows looking FINE.

Antidiarrhoeal medicine

If you have never got the shits travelling have you even travelled? I certainly have, during unbelievably long bus journeys when all I wanted to do was avoid the public toilet. Once again, do yourself a solid (pun was not intended but shall leave as funny) and pack this!

Hydration tablets

You can feel pretty low on energy after a bout of diarrhoea. Hydration tablets can support you in recovering more quickly and have been my best friend in destinations such as Peru where many days were physically demanding hikes.