What is Soul Food?

A dramatic coastline with white cliffs and rich blue ocean


Soul Food is a collection of travel experiences and thoughts from a wanderer soul. I grew up a child to parents from two different countries, having lived in four different countries by the time I was eighteen, an upbringing which fed my passion for traveling and exploring new places and cultures. I like to think of this as a public journal, a way for me to capture my stories and memories, as well as a way to share them with a wider audience without having to repeat them 50 times to friends and family (I have friends who only give me a “it was good” when I ask them about their trips, it’s the worst). The intent is to present my take on things whether it be a destination or a random topic I am deciding to reflect on, to be more personal in the hope that my audience might connect to my posts like I do.


As an individual who enjoys insightful posts which present me with new perspectives, ideas, or which I find I relate with, I’m going to put my own reflections out there in the hope they might do the same for others. I don’t know about you, but I have the tendency of only ruminating over things in conversation with friends but it is never as deep or creative as when I write about them, when I tune my mind to a topic with focus and without interruption. This project is also a way to push myself to explore those observations I notice about society, life, or anything that captures my attention really. 

Personal creative outlet

Lastly, I intend for this project to be my creative outlet. As someone who more or less followed the “traditional route” (lots of having sex with school as my friend describes it), I started to feel that I needed to do something more self expressive. I realised I had never seriously invested proper time, energy, and passion in pursuing the things I had an interest in. I guess I wanted something that defined me outside of the professional realm. I wanted to start a project of my own and use it to explore my voice and ideas, and this blog is my way of doing that.