10 travel related things to keep you busy during Coronavirus lockdown

A map of the world with mementos pinned to it

Coronavirus has brought the world to a halt in aid of our fellow human in a way most of us have never experienced before. Fingers crossed we can see governments taking similarly drastic measures for climate change too, eh? It is easy to feel a little claustrophobic as a result the restrictions that have been put on our freedom. You may, like me, be starting to feel like your longterm relationship with Netflix is suffering as a result of too much time together and that it can no longer sustain you through this extended lockdown. I have made a list of 10 travel related things you can do to keep yourself busy during these days. Here is to diversifying your activities from the ingesting, lying on the couch, and sleeping which were a staple of my first week (no shame).

Sort out your travel photos

Have you got a crap ton of photos on your that need editing and putitng into folders? Sort it out! Organise your images and relive past trips as you do, helping to ease any depression and anxiety you may be feeling during this time. Clear the storage on your phone and back up your photos. Lastly, send photos to travel buddies that you have been meaning to and/or chase them for photos they owe you.

Make a travel bucket list

A bucket list is a great way to visualise all the things you want to do in this life to ensure you can start ticking them off. General bucket lists can be a little bit daunting to get through so why not make a bucket list for the next year (from whenever we can travel again) as well as a general one? Think about putting some structure or order to your list and you will have a trip plan ready to go for when we are free to roam again. Also, don’t limit yourself to an actual list, be creative and make an inspiration board or mind map!

Research & plan your next getaway

Get your research done now so when restrictions start to ease you don’t have to hesitate in booking your next adventure. It is likely that you may find some bargains given the struggle the travel industry is being put through right now. If you do your planning beforehand you will be ready to take advantage. Hopefully the research will also get you excited for all that is to come after we beat this thing.

Connect with someone you met travelling

Have an email stashed away from a cute guy you met in Vietnam who bought you coffee? Happened to see that rad girl you met at a hostel in Budapest post on Facebook recently? Reach out! It could be a chance to make a new friend, reignite old friendships, or just to hear someone else’s perspective on this time. It can be nerve wrecking to reach out to someone you don’t talk to regularly (hey, thrills are hard to come by these days) so rise to the challenge. I promise that even if they awkwardly don’t respond it will be therapeutic to do a little writing and reflect on how you are and what you are up to in life right now.

Make a trip video/scrapbook

Delight your travel companions and yourself by putting together an awesome masterpiece of a trip you did. You will get to relive the trip during the process whilst also getting to flex those creative skills. This kind of project is exactly the kind of thing many people want to do but put off because there is never time, and well, now is the time!

Journal a past trip

One of the reasons I love making this blog is that my travel experiences are forever captured. Trust me, you forget a lot! Whilst photos help document a trip they can’t capture all the moments like the funny thing your friend did or the exact itinerary. Get out your pen and reflect and reminisce about a better time.

Check out travel gear online

Appreciate this will be a tight time for many given the economic impacts of this lockdown, however, the impacts will also be felt by companies that sell hiking boots, travelling backpacks, travel gadgets etc. It may be possible to grab a bargain with many retailers dropping prices to avoid sales plummeting. If you can’t financially permit yourself to make a purchase at this time you can at least do some research into options online so you know what you do want to save up for when things are more stable again.

Get an international pen pal

Been meaning to practice your French? Want to hear perspectives & stories from the other end of the world as if you were there visiting? Want to potentially reach out to someone who is struggling with loneliness at this time? Look for a pen pal and reach out! Send a care package or a snack which is super typical from your country to cheer them up along with your letter. If you want to keep it local, write to the elderly in your community and ask them about their travel memories, I am sure many will have super interesting stories (a time without Google Maps means much more challenges than nowadays).

Educate yourself on sustainable travel

I am learning more and more lately about the environmental impacts of this hobby of ours. Take this opportunity to read up on what options there are out there to minimise your footprint when travelling. If you want visual inspiration of what a greener trip can look like, search up eco accommodation options, there are some amazing ones.

Learn more about a place you have already been

I am definitely guilty of having travelled to places without doing too much research on its history beforehand when life is busy. Have a read of the history of a place that piqued your interest during your travels. If you don’t want to read, find a documentary! If your interest isn’t historical, educate yourself on the issues impacting the community presently. It is easy to be caught up with what is happening in our immediate surrounding when news coverage rarely extends past local stories or selected global ones.